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Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)


The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) is the financial planning specialty accreditation held exclusively by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).


All financial planners are not created equal. You need a trusted adviser to help sort through complex financial decisions and develop sound strategies for a secure financial future. The PFS credential was established for CPAs who specialize in personal financial planning and is awarded exclusively to AICPA members who have demonstrated considerable experience and expertise in that area. A CPA must meet certain requirements before becoming a CPA/PFS and meet certain requirements every three years to maintain the certification. As of today, the AICPA has granted only approximately 3,800 CPA/PFS credentials nationally.


You deserve the best advice when planning your financial future. A CPA financial planner must be able to assess your current financial situation, help you determine your financial goals, and help you develop and monitor a plan to attain them. You need someone you can rely on to provide trusted, objective, and competent advice—someone who has built a reputation on those very qualities. A CPA/PFS combines a century of trusted advice with today's cutting edge financial strategies to help you assess your current financial situation, define your financial needs and goals, and develop and monitor a plan to meet your goals.


Why a CPA Financial Planner?

CPAs have been trusted and competent financial professionals for more than 100 years, helping individuals and businesses thrive in an increasingly complex financial environment. In a nutshell, CPAs who provide personal financial planning services are able to combine their financial savvy and professional integrity in developing the creative planning strategies you need for financial peace of mind. The hallmarks of this profession include:


CPAs are educated in a variety of financial topics and must meet annual continuing education requirements.


In addition to auditing and taxation, CPAs typically have a solid, broad-based financial background.


CPAs must conform to their state's code of ethics to maintain their professional licenses. This means you receive competent objective advice.




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